Achieving Quality Management System ISO 9001 Certification In Qld

Most Queensland businesses have heard of quality management system ISO 9001 certification but many are unsure how to go about achieving it. Clearly an organisation has to reach certain standards to achieve certification, but the process can be very straightforward, if you work with an expert consultancy.

Certainly, quality assurance in Queensland is a key issue, as we work hard for our money these days and demand quality goods and services when we go shopping.

To meet this demand in an increasingly competitive market, smart businesses see the sense of implementing an accredited quality assurance management system, as this makes the job of delivering quality products easier.

Quality Assurance

Quality Goals and Targets

The first step in delivering quality is to quantify what that actually means, something ISO 9001 spells out very clearly. The steps needed to attain quality management system ISO 9001 certification will help lay down an organisation’s goals and targets.And whereas quality control can pick up mistakes after production, quality assurance planning is far more beneficial, as it builds in factors to avoid mistakes in the first place.

Quality assurance doesn’t so much look at the products themselves, but at the systems, equipment, materials, training and management needed to produce them.

There are professional quality management system consultancies in Queensland, such as Standard Consulting in Brisbane, who work with organisations to tailor-make and implement a quality assurance management system, train all staff in the system, and then help the organisation work towards certification.

Quality Assurance Auditing

One way in which this is done is through auditing. The organisation can use internal audits to monitor its performance, and regularly tweak systems for the best results. But when it comes to certification, that will require an external, or third party audit. By that stage, however, with help from professional consultants, it should be very straightforward.

With a thorough understanding of what is required for ISO 9001 certification; the implementation of a professional quality management system, and the appropriate training, most Queensland businesses can achieve certification within three to six months.


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