Play It Safe With ISO Safety Management System Certification

Shocking new statistics have revealed that one worker a month on average has been killed on the job in WA this financial year. Four of the those deaths occurred in the construction industry.

This information emphasises once again, the importance of ISO Safety Management System Certification and training.

Employers have both a legal and moral obligation to protect their workers, and their customers, from injury in the workplace. And as safety legislation gets tougher, an ISO Safety Management System is the best way of fulfilling those obligations.

Integrating Management Systems

One of the reasons an ISO system is a great choice, is because it can easily be integrated with your other management systems, such as environmental management and quality assurance.

Integrated Safety Management System training is available through ISO specialists in Brisbane, who are Exemplar Global certified and experts in successful management systems.

Safety Management System
As well as the obvious advantage of protecting your stakeholders, ISO Safety Management System Certification offers several other benefits. These include a major boost to your reputation as an employer, which will improve staff morale and increase customer confidence.

Reduce Downtime and Save Money

You will also be sure of meeting your legal safety obligations, reduce downtime, save money, and even reduce your insurance payments.

Integrated Safety Management System training puts in place a series of policies and procedures to ensure everyone understands their role in maintaining workplace safety.

It’s important to remember that workplace safety is as much the employees’ responsibility, as the employer’s, although the onus usually falls upon the latter.

Global Expertise

For a safety system to be truly successful, it must be embraced by all members of an organisation, and it demands excellent leadership by management.

ISO safety management systems have been written using expertise from major industries around the globe, and they are regularly revised to keep them up-to-date.

ISO is recognised as a leader in management systems, which is why you should always choose a training provider who specialises in ISO management systems.