How To Choose The Best Integrated Management Services

Case studies across all types of industries, of all sizes, have shown that integrated management systems are a great choice. From huge corporations to businesses with less than 4 employees, these systems are found to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Evidence also suggests that organisations that consult integrated management services professionals achieve success faster.

Ask The Right Questions

When you make the decision to follow this route the chances are you will simply Google ‘integrated management services’. And you’ll get plenty of results! So how do you choose?

When assessing integrated management services providers, these are the questions you should ask:

  • Do you have experience across all major industries?
  • Do you work with ISO management systems – including ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System & ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System?
  • Do you offer workplace safety systems – such as AS/NZS 4801:2001, ISO 45001 & OHSAS 18001:2007?
  • Do you tailor-make management systems to suit our needs?
  • Do you provide integrated management system training?
  • Do your clients gain certification first time?
  • Are you Exemplar Global-certified?
  • Can you help us with management reviews and business analysis?

If the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’, that is the organisation to hire. That’s the level of expertise you should expect.

Increase Efficiency

Creating and implementing your integrated management system takes time. Your consultants will want to meet with you and your management team to get a thorough understanding of what you do, and where you’re going. They also need to see which of your existing management systems can be integrated.

It makes sense to integrate things like workplace safety, environmental management and quality assurance. It will help your organisation work more efficiently and effectively, boost staff morale and productivity, and attract new customers.

Integrated management system training will ensure things are done right first time, every time. And that can only improve your reputation and your bottom line.


Integrated Management Services Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

We all know that business is made up of many components, and that each component needs to be working perfectly to ensure long-term success.

You could say the process is a bit like a pyramid or an iceberg, in fact. Right at the top, at the pointy end, is your product. But below that there are all the processes and people needed to create that product.

And with far more rules and legislation than ever on safety, employment, the environment, tax, competition and so on, there’s plenty more paperwork, too.

There are so many stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, contractors, investors – how do you keep them all happy!

Reduced workload

Well, one way is to implement an integrated management system ISO.

An integrated system has been proven to reduce workload, paperwork, cost and stress. And it’s really the only logical way of working.

Every part of an organisation has commonalities with other sections but, run in isolation, things can go badly wrong.

An integrated management services consultant can help you get your business back on track, for more effective results and long-term success.

They can also help you follow that through to the next logical step, by achieving integrated safety management system certification.

Management system consultants

Get professional help

An integrated system basically combines key elements of your organisation, like quality assurance, sound environmental management and workplace health and safety.

So, for example, you may hear people talking about an integrated safety management system. That simply means that an organisation has combined a safety standard, such as AS/NZS 4801 or OHSAS 18001, with, say, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and/or ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Sounds like a lot to take in, right? You’re thinking paperwork, audits, training and so on. But while all these are components of implementing standards and achieving certification, it’s more straightforward than you may think. If you hire professionals to help you!

Everyone is different

While there are obvious similarities, every organisation is different. Even businesses manufacturing the same products are different. They are made up of different people, creating different mindsets.

So don’t be tempted to buy an off-the-shelf package and tackle this alone. Management system consultants are there for a reason!