The Benefits Of Having A Quality Management System Queensland

There’s a lot more to supplying quality products to your customers than you may think. The law gives your customers certain rights and, if you fail to meet them, you could be in trouble.

Did you know that there are nine consumer guarantees that apply to goods bought from Queensland businesses? These refer to anything that costs $40,000 or less; anything for personal or household use (regardless of price), and vehicles and trailers.

If your customer feels your product fails to meet the necessary criteria, they can take action. You are expected to fix the fault, offering a repair, refund, replacement, or compensation.

Minimise The Risk

However, there is a way of minimising the risk of this happening. And that’s by implementing a Quality Management System Queensland.

The most common system used in the state is ISO 9001:2015. This is an international quality management system aimed at boosting customer satisfaction.

Quality Management System Queensland

There are many benefits to be gained by implementing this system and business owners should see it as an investment, not a cost. As one of the main benefits is boosting your credibility and reputation, you can look forward to attracting more customers in the future.

Reduce Your Costs

Your quality management system will define you, and give you a point of difference from your competitors. Most importantly, it stops mistakes before they happen, vastly reducing your costs.

Part of the process is initiating Quality Management System ISO 9001 training. This goes across the board, from your management team down. It is important for everyone to be on the same page.

Plan For A Stronger Future

By sharing responsibility around your workforce, you will give employees a greater sense of pride in what they do, boosting morale and reducing downtime. In this respect, you could describe ISO 9001 as a workplace culture, where the customer comes first.

As a result, you will more easily meet your statutory and regulatory requirements, and grow your market share for a stronger future.


ISO 9001 Quality Management System Training Will Save You Money

Instead of asking yourself if you can afford to implement a quality assurance management system in your organisation, ask yourself if you can afford NOT to! You know better than everyone the ‘cost’ of poor quality.

Your customers are a picky bunch these days, right? And that is their right. There’s plenty of competition out there, and your customers will vote with their feet.

Best Quality Products

Money is hard-earned and shoppers want to ensure they are getting the very best quality products AND service, at the right price.

The simple truth is this: if you don’t deliver, you will lose customers. Then there’s the ripple effect. Those customers tell family and friends, and you lose potential new customers. That will cost you.

Getting a reputation for poor quality will affect any tenders or contracts you bid for. And that will cost you. This will affect staff morale, which will negatively affect productivity. That will cost you, too.

Time To Invest In Quality

Alternatively, you could invest in ISO 9001 Quality Management System training and avoid all those negatives. In fact, by surpassing customer expectations, you will most likely experience a profitable business boost.

Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 QMS is the most popular and widely used International Standard management system. And while it takes time, effort and investment to achieve, it will repay you over and over again.

Quality Assurance Consultant In Queensland

The most cost-effective and successful way to implement ISO 9001 is to work with a quality assurance consultant in Queensland. They do this every day, you don’t. Their knowledge and experience will make the journey much easier.

A quality assurance consultant will work with you and your team to formulate your quality assurance management system, put processes and training in place, monitor and evaluate. If you decide to take it all the way and get ISO 9001 accreditation, they can take you there.

One thing’s for sure, ISO 9001 will not only save and make you money, but will help ensure the future of your organisation.

Get Back On Track With An Experienced Quality Assurance Consultant

Here’s something I see a lot in my neighbourhood: a new business opens, usually with a very impressive launch event, to which local dignitaries are invited. Advertisements are placed, photographs are taken, free introductory offers are made, and the customers come.

Good result, right? Only if that momentum lasts! Of course customers come – it’s new, it’s exciting, everyone’s talking it, and there’s free stuff! But when it comes time to spend money, if the product or service isn’t up to scratch, those enthusiastic customers will disappear.

Quality Better than Hype

More important than all that fanfare is a solid reputation for delivering great results every time. Customers want quality, consistency, service and value for money. And the best way to ensure that’s what you’re delivering, is to put an appropriate quality assurance management system in place.

Quality Consultant

If you are now having a light bulb moment, I suggest talking to quality management system consultants immediately! Preferably an organisation that is well experienced in ISO management systems, such as Standard Consulting in Brisbane.


A good quality assurance consultant will explain how ISO 9001 can benefit your organisation, and how you go about achieving it. There are many different elements to an ISO 9001 quality management system but, if you follow the PDCA process, you will achieve amazing results.

PDCA is Plan-Do-Check-Act. PLAN your quality assurance program with the help of a quality assurance consultant; DO (implement) the plan; CHECK regularly that the plan is working, and ACT to improve it as needed.

While everyone wants a great deal, customers will respond to good, consistent quality by buying more frequently, or paying a little more. They will also tell their friends, creating new customers for your business. Remember, the same applies in reverse if the quality is poor!

Producing poor quality or inconsistent goods, using ineffective production methods and outdated systems will cost you more. And if you don’t take steps to turn it around, it could cost you your business.

Quality Management System Consultants Who Get Things Done

Working towards a successful quality assurance management system is much easier than you may think, if you follow certain steps. Remember, the whole point of implementing a management system is to make life easier, not harder!

The first step must surely be to engage experienced quality management system consultants, a team that can not only tailor-make your management system, but also help you successfully implement it and deliver the necessary training to your staff.standard consulting
Working with your consultants, the next step is to identify and prioritise your goals in implementing a quality assurance management system. What do you want to achieve? Are you aiming for certification? Do your current policies and procedures support that?

Are You Ready For Change?

You then need to consider what actions need to be put in place to achieve those goals, as well as recognising factors that might hold you back. For example, is your product meeting customer expectations? Do you have enough financial backing? Are your staff motivated for change?

This type of feedback is especially important in implementing quality assurance improvements. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for their thoughts, and don’t be upset if some of that feedback is negative; negative feedback can sometimes help us make the biggest changes of all.

All of this information can be used by your quality management system consultants to create your plan of action; it really does need to be that personalised in order to be effective. That is why we never recommend trying to implement off the shelf solutions.

Choosing The Right Consultants

Look for consultants who offer the full deal, from beginning to end, as consistency is then assured. You should also aim to use specialist ISO consultants, who are Exemplar Global-certified, and who employ experienced, qualified trainers. A suggestion in Queensland would be Standard Consulting in Brisbane.

In such a competitive global market there are many benefits to be gained by improving your organisation’s quality assurance management system.

Achieving Quality Management System ISO 9001 Certification In Qld

Most Queensland businesses have heard of quality management system ISO 9001 certification but many are unsure how to go about achieving it. Clearly an organisation has to reach certain standards to achieve certification, but the process can be very straightforward, if you work with an expert consultancy.

Certainly, quality assurance in Queensland is a key issue, as we work hard for our money these days and demand quality goods and services when we go shopping.

To meet this demand in an increasingly competitive market, smart businesses see the sense of implementing an accredited quality assurance management system, as this makes the job of delivering quality products easier.

Quality Assurance

Quality Goals and Targets

The first step in delivering quality is to quantify what that actually means, something ISO 9001 spells out very clearly. The steps needed to attain quality management system ISO 9001 certification will help lay down an organisation’s goals and targets.And whereas quality control can pick up mistakes after production, quality assurance planning is far more beneficial, as it builds in factors to avoid mistakes in the first place.

Quality assurance doesn’t so much look at the products themselves, but at the systems, equipment, materials, training and management needed to produce them.

There are professional quality management system consultancies in Queensland, such as Standard Consulting in Brisbane, who work with organisations to tailor-make and implement a quality assurance management system, train all staff in the system, and then help the organisation work towards certification.

Quality Assurance Auditing

One way in which this is done is through auditing. The organisation can use internal audits to monitor its performance, and regularly tweak systems for the best results. But when it comes to certification, that will require an external, or third party audit. By that stage, however, with help from professional consultants, it should be very straightforward.

With a thorough understanding of what is required for ISO 9001 certification; the implementation of a professional quality management system, and the appropriate training, most Queensland businesses can achieve certification within three to six months.

How Quality Management System ISO 9001 Will Improve Your Business

Everybody knows what ‘quality’ means and, these days, we all expect the best quality – for the best price. So, whatever the product or service – from muffins to motor cars – it’s up to the business owner to ensure the quality is there.

But there seems to be a bit of confusion over the true definition of a quality assurance management system in Queensland.

What some call a management system, is actually just a management plan. And while the latter forms a good basis for developing a full system, it does not count towards Quality Management System ISO 9001 certification.

Every business or project should have a quality plan, of course. It’s a way of ensuring that everything is done correctly, and that the product is well made, safe and fit for purpose.

Quality Assurance

Quality at every level

However, a quality assurance management system Qld is quite different. For starters, it looks at the entire operation, not just one product. It takes into consideration every aspect of the business, to create quality throughout every level.

And it is generally developed and implemented with the help of professional quality management system consultants.

The consultant starts by reviewing any existing plans or systems to see what needs changing and what can stay. The idea is to bring everything into one coherent whole, for easier management and smoother operation.

International recognition

Quality Management System ISO 9001 is an international standard, and the world’s best known quality system. Having the Quality Management System ISO 9001 stamp of approval brings many benefits, and immediately qualifies the holder to, for example, bid for Government contracts, or become a supplier to a major company.

Suitable for any size business, in any industry, ISO 9001 brings many benefits, including increased savings and bigger profits.

But one of the biggest advantages has to be the improved reputation for producing quality goods and services, something that is sure to boost customer numbers, and possibly attract investment in the business.

Certainly, any organisation hoping to operate in the export market would be well advised to talk to quality management system consultants sooner rather than later.