Why You Should Meet With A Quality Assurance Consultant

What would you say if I told you that a meeting with a Quality Assurance Consultant could totally transform your business? You’d probably say you don’t have the time, or the money for consultants!

The thing is, investing a small amount of time and money now could help you secure a more financially secure future.

I’m talking about consultants who are experts in writing and implementing Quality Management System Queensland. And that’s a system that will, amongst many other things, improve your business reputation, reduce returns and refunds, boost productivity, and increase profits.

Sounds a bit more interesting now, right!

Change Can Be Positive

It’s hard when you’re in business – especially a small business – to find the time and money to make changes. In addition, many people dislike change. But sometimes change is the only way forward.

The secret is NOT to see change as negative. If you were to say to your employees that you were planning changes, they would immediately think lay-offs and cutbacks, right? But what if the changes actually protected their jobs into the future?

Implementing a quality management system can do that. By putting in place the framework and tools needed to monitor and review your processes – and the leadership to make necessary tweaks – you can drastically improve the quality of your products and/or services.

Improve Your ROI

Improvement means less wastage, improved ROI, and happier customers, who then spread the word to family and friends. Reduced costs + increased output + more customers = safe jobs. In fact, it could even mean MORE jobs.

Your workforce AND your customers are key to the success of your business. Quality management keeps them all happy. Your employees will feel greater pride in their work, and your customers will feel they are getting value for money. It’s a win-win.

So, how do you feel about a chat with that Quality Assurance Consultant now?


The Benefits Of Having A Quality Management System Queensland

There’s a lot more to supplying quality products to your customers than you may think. The law gives your customers certain rights and, if you fail to meet them, you could be in trouble.

Did you know that there are nine consumer guarantees that apply to goods bought from Queensland businesses? These refer to anything that costs $40,000 or less; anything for personal or household use (regardless of price), and vehicles and trailers.

If your customer feels your product fails to meet the necessary criteria, they can take action. You are expected to fix the fault, offering a repair, refund, replacement, or compensation.

Minimise The Risk

However, there is a way of minimising the risk of this happening. And that’s by implementing a Quality Management System Queensland.

The most common system used in the state is ISO 9001:2015. This is an international quality management system aimed at boosting customer satisfaction.

Quality Management System Queensland

There are many benefits to be gained by implementing this system and business owners should see it as an investment, not a cost. As one of the main benefits is boosting your credibility and reputation, you can look forward to attracting more customers in the future.

Reduce Your Costs

Your quality management system will define you, and give you a point of difference from your competitors. Most importantly, it stops mistakes before they happen, vastly reducing your costs.

Part of the process is initiating Quality Management System ISO 9001 training. This goes across the board, from your management team down. It is important for everyone to be on the same page.

Plan For A Stronger Future

By sharing responsibility around your workforce, you will give employees a greater sense of pride in what they do, boosting morale and reducing downtime. In this respect, you could describe ISO 9001 as a workplace culture, where the customer comes first.

As a result, you will more easily meet your statutory and regulatory requirements, and grow your market share for a stronger future.